Train the Trainer - Springfield, OR

Mother Daughter TEA (Technology Engineering Aptitude)

Train the Trainer Workshop - Springfield, OR - February 21, 2020

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A Unique Opportunity

Feb 21, 2020 - Attend this Professional Development Workshop and become a certified Technology Engineering Aptitude (TEA) trainer.

Workshop Special

This upcoming training is very special in that everyone who comes will receive a free Is There an Engineer Inside You? upgrade. Usually, within each toolkit is a set of 40 copies of Ideas in Action: a Girl’s Guide to Careers in Engineering that you can give to each girl to take home and learn more about engineering careers. For this Feb 21 workshop only, you will receive a case of Is There an Engineer Inside You? instead of Ideas in Action. This is a $998 value - more than the cost of the workshop!

How it Works

On Saturday, February 21, you will train to become a certified TEA trainer. Each trainee will receive an instruction book for holding the Mother Daughter TEA and take home a toolkit that will enable you to host your own TEA workshop in your community.

The TEA Toolkit for workshop presenters is an easy and exciting, time and work-saving kit. It was developed to help presenters teach engineering. Whether you are an educator or a professional engineer, this workshop is sure to give you plenty of ideas on how to engage girls and their mothers. If you want every girl to consider an engineering career, this toolkit is your answer!

Hands-on activities integrating science concepts, technology skills and tools, and mathematical processes provide contextual learning opportunities in a STEM environment. These activities parallel real-world engineering tasks and problem-solving opportunities. By using this powerful workshop toolkit, you will be able to show both mothers and daughters that engineering is not something to be afraid of but a realistic way to solve the problems of everyday life and a very viable career opportunity! The lessons and activities will actively engage girls in learning about engineering and our technological world by applying creativity and innovation as they complete the projects.

Celeste Baine, the workshop leader, is the winner of the Norm Augustine Award for being one of those rare individuals that can show the wonder and excitement of engineering. She is one of the top speakers on engineering education and motivating students. Celeste will make this workshop an enormous success! She is a high-energy, high content, how-to speaker. You will leave the workshop armed with instructions and materials. And, you will be ready to give your own Mother Daughter TEA workshop in your community!

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Workshop includes:

1. Six hours of hands-on instruction

2. A Take-home toolkit to give your own workshop

3. “TEA Certified Trainer” Certificate


Package Cost: Packages start at $799 – cost is based on kit options.

Registration Deadline: February 4, 2020


 Register to Attend  |  Information about Training in Tulsa, OK


Email Celeste for more information.

Celeste’s workshops are loaded with practical step-by-step directions, real-life advice, and plenty of humor. She is a dynamic, content rich, high energy speaker.

The presentation and workshop service is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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