Keynotes and Presentations

All presentations and workshops are customized for your audience.

Mother Daughter TEA (Technology Engineering Aptitude) Workshop

The Mother/Daughter Technology Engineering Aptitude (TEA) is a one day event that provides middle school girls with a tremendous opportunity to complete hands-on activities and interact with an engineering professional to learn about valuable, high-wage opportunities in the engineering industry. The Mother/ Daughter TEA event was founded to encourage young women to take an interest in pursuing a career in the engineering industry.

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Motivating Students to Pursue Engineering

Audience: Teachers, Counselors & Mentors, 50 minutes
This presentation is designed for guidance counselors and mentors to cut through the stereotypes of engineering and reach those kids that don’t know how engineers are involved in the design of their favorite things. Portrays engineering as something that is everywhere instead of just a lab or office.

Creative Outreach for Engineers

Audience: Teacher, Mentors, Outreach Programs, 50 minutes
Presentation helps engineers develop creative outreach initiatives to reach more girls and underrepresented minorities. Shows the creative power of engineering by developing intriguing and exciting examples of engineering in action. Draws from the ordinary to portray engineering as an extraordinary and achievable career option.

Grow Your Own Engineer

Audience: Parents, 50 minutes
This presentation is for parents that want to figure out how to encourage their children to be engineers. Provides a 10-step program to help ensure that your child is successful.

Engineers Can Do Anything!

Audience: Students, 50 minutes (Most Popular!)
This is a fast paced and fun overview of engineers that are living their dreams. From music (iPod engineers) to sports equipment designers (bike, ski, snowboard, bowling and baseball bat engineers) to roller coaster and food engineers, this talk is in-depth about the real people that are engineers and how they combined their hobby with engineering to get a dream job. The talk stresses how engineers are much more than just a brain or someone that is good in math. The talk shows how communication, teamwork, creativity and innovation shape the world we live in. This talk is motivational for students that are on the fence or get bored easily. It shows non-traditional opportunities that most students don’t know about.

Engineering Technology is a Golden Ticket

Audience: Students, 50 minutes
This talk is in-depth about the field of engineering technology and it’s impact on society. Show how an engineering technology degree can be a ticket to live anywhere and take your marketable skill with you. This talk is motivational for students that are on the fence or get bored easily. Shows non-traditional opportunities that most students don’t know about. (similar to Engineers Can Do Anything)

Engineering Makes the World Go Around

Audience: Students, 50 minutes (Very Popular!)
Gives a broad view of the industry and shows many examples of industries and careers for engineers. Similar to the book “Is There an Engineer Inside You?” with tips on preparing for engineering school, how to find out if it’s the right choice, and how to choose a school. It’s very solid and more traditional in its approach.

Math is Just One Tool in the Box

Audience: Students, 50 minutes
Designed for students that don’t want to major in engineering because of a math horror story. Covers math phobia and how to rise above it. Shows students that the best engineers are some of the most creative people in the world.

Girls Rule!

Audience: Girls, 50 minutes (Very Popular!)
Girls Rule! is designed to motivate and inspire girls to become engineers. Show famous women engineers and gives girls ideas about where they might fit into the world of engineering. Shows how the field is changing and how women & minorities are getting ahead.